Things To Bring

Bring the decision makers, ie: Your parents, fiancé etc.

No matter what the decision is, we all feel a little more comfortable with a second opinion. With so many vendors to choose from at the Salina Bridal & Prom Expo, you will be opened up to enormous amounts of possibilities and options. You will enjoy the decision process much more having someone to share it with.

Bring self addressed labels or business cards

One of the most popular things that vendors like to do at the event, is provide a chance to win a drawing at their booth. This is a great way to learn more about the products and services that are offered. Unfortunately, you may have to write your name several dozen times to enter into these drawings. Having pre-labeled address tags, you will be able to breeze through this process and still benefit from the vendors offerings.

Bring your appointment book/pda to make appointments

Most vendors will want you to book a service and it is extremely hard to book a date, if you aren’t sure that your schedule is free for that day. By carrying around your appointment book, you will be able to fit a service or maybe even two services in at just the right time. As your wedding day approaches you will find that your time gets shorter.

Bring a camera to create a visual diary of vendors or ideas you like

A picture can say a thousand words. At the Salina Bridal & Prom Expo you will be able to imagine a perfect wedding, see that perfect dress, or be inspired for your special day but once you leave you may find yourself forgetting exactly what you saw and wanted. Feel free to take pictures & post tag us in at #SalinaBridalPromExpo!